May 2, 2017

The African Wildlife

Kasane on Chobe River, Zambia

Visiting Victoria Falls

Near Livingston, Zambia

The Adrenalin Center of Africa

Livingston, Zambia

Uneventful Agriculture Day

Livingston, Zambia

James the Chef “Cooking Becomes Easier”

Livingston, Zambia

Excerpt from “Waste – Uncovering the Global Food Scandal” by Tristram Stuart

Choma, Zambia

Passing “the Sweetest” Town in the Nation

Oasis Camp, Zambia

The High End of Lusaka

Lusaka, Zambia

“A Night Someone Could Make a Horror Movie About”

Lusaka Chinama Hotel, Zambia

Very Little Crop Production Today

Jehovah Witness Bush Camp, Zambia